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Everyone is talking and 'doing' UX these days, but who really keeps them honest. That's where we come in, we investigate the UX of your store, platform, product or service and evaluate if you are really meeting your customers expectations.



We are like private investigators but instead of investigating cheating spouses and stolen bicycles, we investigate UX. We anonymously engage with your product and service and give you an accurate report of whether you are meeting your customers expectations or not. At UX Anonymous, our researchers not only assess user experience design, they also provide actionable feedback in order to help businesses become the best they can be.

“Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose.”
— Zora Neale Hurston


We are a bunch of UX fanatics with a passion for helping companies identify places where they can improve their UX in order to impact millions of people. With the side effect of it being very beneficial to their bottom line. In actual truth though we are just regular people who use products and services everyday and because we have UX knowledge, we have realised how many things companies are getting wrong and most them are menial and can be fixed very quickly... The hardest thing about UX problems is not solving them, it's finding them and that's what we do very well.



Pretty simple really. Just tell us what platform, app or service you want us to investigate. We simply use it as a normal user would, with the added benefit that we are professional UX practitioners so we know what to look out for.  At the end we will give you a write up in article form. We use this format because it's easier to read than a presentation... We also don't use bombastic words just to sound smart. Our reports are in clear and concise english.



These are just some of the companies we have investigated and/or collected data on, We took the time to deep dive into some of these companies products and/or services to find out what they were getting wrong, we also leveraged the data we have collected from anonymous South African’s in order to inform our investigations.