Tell us about your experience with Ackermans

This morning I went to buy dresses for my two daughters at Ackermans. We got the dresses and I told them to pick a pair of shoes, the eldest one picked her shoes and the young one sat on the floor to fit her shoes. All of a sudden she started to cry hysterically, then I saw the bee on the floor. My mother asked the staff for help because this is the first time a bee has stung her, so we didn't know if she was allergic to it or not. She started getting fits(epilepsy) but when my mother asked for help from them, they all started laughing at us. My mother took my daughter out of the shop because she was blue in the face and was scared that she might get another fit. My eldest daughter asked for the dress again and I said let's pay and get out of this shop. As I stood in the queue they were talking in their language and laughing, then I told the man behind the counter that they must do something about the bees because it can happen to any customer. He was laughing in my face and said the bees come out of their roof. I said yes but he must do something about it because Ackermans is not a safe place anymore, he continued laughing at me. He and the other staff members once again talked in their language and started laughing... I as a mother of a child who gets epileptic was furious at this point. Then I threw the dresses in his face and said I don’t want them anymore. Then I took my eldest daughter's hand and turned around, He said something that I couldn’t hear and started laughing again. Then I threw some of the t-shirts off the rail and said you can laugh, I will never ever support Ackermans again, and I won’t. Every season I buy my daughters clothes at Ackermans, but from today onwards I won't.

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

Everything about Ackermans, the staff, their manners.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Boycott Ackermans!