Tell us about your experience with Xpanda

In November I called the company to enquire about security doors for my home. A sales person came to my house and I explained what I needed, a double door. While he was there I asked him to measure the 2 inside doors as well as I wanted to also secure them. The agreement was that the big door will be made and fitted in December, two weeks later I requested that they also manufacture the 2 single gates but my priorities haven't changed as to delivery and fitting. Late in December I was contacted by the company and made an arrangement for the fitting. I was very disappointed when they arrived with only the 2 small gates and they explained that the big gate could not be found in the warehouse. MY PRIORITY HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE OUTSIDE GATE but they then installed the small gates. The problem then was that when the gates were installed and opened there was insufficient space for a person to walk thru without turning side ways. When I phoned the company I was told that was what I had ordered. The truth is that I asked the rep if the gates can swivel to ensure that there will be sufficient space and I was told that they do not make this product but assured me that this will not be a problem which turned out to be a big problem. The opening is so small that I cannot walk to the sitting room with a tray and even I have to turn sideways to just walk through. When I complained I was told that was what I had ordered and they can fix it @ an extra cost of just over R4000.00. My Question is why should I pay for them not complying with my request and supplying me doors that don't work in my environment???!!! When I requested that they refund me my money and remove the gates, I was told that the gates were specially made for my house (even though it was standard frames and sizes) and they offered me 50% payment saying that they will try and sell the gates. My experience with them is a very bad one and I will not recommend them to any customer as they are totally incompetent and have never heard of customer service.

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

I did not like the fact that they refused to accept responsibility and have no regret for the problem that they created, and are totally unwilling to compromise.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I'm not sure if this company does exist or they take from Peter to pay Paul.