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I have 3 or more, from time to time, cell-phone/data contracts with Vodacom. Recently my wife's phone was stolen and I claimed for replacement. The claim was rejected on two occasions by Cell-sure. Their reason, the cell-phone claimed does not match the cell-number under which it is insured. The real story is as follows: I have 2 cell-phones insured, an Apple iPhone 6 and a Huawei Smart-S. Both these phones and numbers are under contract in my name for many years. Both these phones' insurance premiums are paid and are still being paid monthly ongoing. My attorney reckons that there is no reason within the law, that this insurance claim should not be paid out in full, irrespective of the number under which they are insured, as long as these numbers are valid and in use, which is the case indeed. The Smart-S is insured under my cell number and the iPhone under my wife's number, but both are in my name.

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

Cell-sure stole my money!

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Payout the claim immediately!