Tell us about your experience with Vodacom

Vodacom online is the worst for upgrades! They tell you lies and give you false information and when they need to rectify it, they want you to lose all the way!!! It is not "let's see what I can do to help", it is rather "what can we do to further frustrate you and inconvenience you even more!!!" They need to get their act together as this is not on!!! Need someone to actually assist to resolve the crap deal I got, after I was very specific that I do not want to battle with a router that does not work! Even when asking questions, their consultant does not know what he is talking about and gets arrogant with me when I am trying to get further answers as their next solution does not make any sense!! Really having big issues with the unprofessionalism and complete disrespect I have been given after being a loyal client for a lot of years already!!!

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

I am being taken for a fool and no regard for my inconvenience or frustration. No one to try and help, just to follow normal procedures and that is it!!! I am very angry and wonder why I have been loyal for so many years!!! No one is even trying to help, just more frustrations! Now I'm simply waiting for a manager to phone me back as I lost it with the consultant!

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

If you ask to speak to a manager, have them available and not get the same useless consultant to phone you back and then when you have more questions, for them not to get arrogant with you!!! Really?