Just Property

Tell us about your experience with Just Property

I have rented for one year with Just Property Queensburgh and had nothing but bad and incompetent service from them. There are so many things to mention that my blood pressure is rising just thinking of a few. From damages due to storms, sewage pipes which burst and I was left for two months without someone coming to have a look to repair it with sewage all over my driveway, then after the hole was dug about 1.5m it was left for another month to come back to check if it was fine and close the hole... There is so many the only thing I can say is thank God I am out there. But I have moved out 27/01/2018 the inspection was done on the 29/01/2018 and up to today 23/02/2018, I have yet to receive my Deposit. I did the inspection with one of their subcontractors which took two and a half hours which I had to take off work. I had to leave when he was doing the inspection outside. I have not signed anything regarding that I agree that Just Property had to fumigate the house and YARD or that the carpets had to be vacuumed. The first time I heard of this was a week later where I said that I am not going to carry those cost I will sort it out myself. She said that she is waiting for quotes and will come back to me. Two days later I get the Bill and deductions from my Deposit. This was over a week ago and still, I have not received the Balance of my Deposit. I will never rent from these people again and will not recommend that anybody use them.

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

Bad service, communication, assistance, response just all Bad

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

New Management who gets involved and competent staff.