Tell us about your experience with Crosstrainer

Ok, so on 29th September 2017 i went to canal walk to go and purchase tekkies for my son.i found something at the cross trainer store (canal walk) but they did not have a size in the shoe I wanted.they called around to their other stores (waterfront and table bay mall) and found a size for me at the waterfront store.the next day I went there to go and get the shoe which was a black Cortez for R799.99 and which I bought cash.they explained to me their cash policy that they do not give the money back but they can exchange the product for me if there is any fault.after wearing the shoes once my son came to me and showed me that the fabric of the shoe was looking as if it coming off.i said to him that maybe its just the glue that's showing and maybe it's because it's still new.after wearing the shoe again to a school function he came back saying that its now too visible because its really coming loose and having a look at it myself it was clear that its definitely not wearable anymore.the next morning I called the store to ask if I could bring the shoe in for them to see they said yes I can bring it in at any time and that I should just keep my proof of purchase.I work in retail myself and I'm off only once a week.on the next day 31st December I went to the store in canal walk I said I called about the shoe and told them to look at the shoe.the staff on duty could not help me and I had to wait for the store manager and area manager from past 10 till 2 o clock until they report for duty.i did so because I knew there were other errands I had to run in the centre seeing that it was my only day off for the back to the store both these people were present and explained to me a whole story about them having to send the shoe back to the suppliers and they have to decide whether or not there is something really wrong.I told them that unfortunately, I will not tolerate that at all it visible as broad daylight that there is something wrong with the shoe and I'm not leaving here with that shoe and again on top of that use my off day again to come and bring back the shoe on my time.they called around their buyers as they call them and they exchanged the shoe.I couldn't get my money back I understood that part so I had to take something else.i took a pink puma tekkie for myself which seemed much stronger even the stitching and for this I added another R400.00 because the shoe was R1200.00 .after wearing this puma exactly twice I noticed but it seems as though the exact same thing is about to happen to this shoe. the part where the glue is is also coming avoid what happened the first time I went straight back to the store but the one closer to me in table bay I said I'm sorry but before the same thing happens can they please work out something for me I understand they cant give my R800.00 back but the R400 that I paid with card can I be refunded on that and I will take something for R800 because I understand they cant give it back.because if it was up to me I would have wanted all my money back because I would never want to buy the horrible quality they sell there again.they again explained to me about the buyer and supplier a whole long song.i asked to speak to people higher then them.the rude cashier said to me they don't have a fone in the shop I said but the day I wanted the tekkie the first time I did business with you guys table bay branch was contacted for a size so how is it that now for an unhappy customer you don't have access to a fone? I went to go and buy airtime with my money and call the alleged buyer and I even called their customer service with they put me through to the area manager again because unfortunately, they cant do anything from their head office in Johannesburg? I waited for about an hour the area manager still didn't pitch and I left because I had to rush back home because I had to leave my 6-year-old at home not having enough money for the bus for her as one has gotten back to me yet.last week Monday I called this Sydney guy again asking him what is happening he said that the shoe has to be sent to Johannesburg for the supplier to see that side.he would let me know by end of last week which was Friday.I haven't heard from him after that up until this morning I asked what is happening I'm still waiting for him he said he will get back to me by the end of today? I'm deeply unhappy about the whole situation never in my life have I experienced such poor service not even from local shops.I'm a single parent who works extra hard for my money.I'm very unhappy

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

The fact that I'm the one that does the running around as the unhappy customer, they show no interest, they are trying to save money even if it's by robbing from people that work damn hard for their money.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I don't care whether they improve or not because I would never in my life do business with them again and I will make sure that all my friends and family won't buy there.all I want is just to get compensated for my loss because I definitely won't walk around with a shoe that's going to desert me in a week or two weeks time.