Tell us about your experience with Truworths

I purchased a suit on the 06/02/2018 for my husband. The suit is not suitable so I went on today to return the purchase and get a cash refund. I was told by the cashier that she has dropped her cash in the dropbox and will not be able to give me a cash refund unless a customer comes to buy cash or pay an account in cash. So I was asked to step aside and allow other customers to be served. I requested for the store manager and she told me exactly the same story. How can a massive store like Truworths not have cash in the till to give a customer when I had purchased cash. Now I am expected to wait for my money until a customer comes through with cash. Sick principles. I requested to speak to the area manager. went to another room as if to call the area manager and then comes back and tells me that she is unable to assist me. I then requested for the area managers contact details, she refused telling me that it was personal and she is not allowed to give any details. First a staff cannot solve the refund, store manager incapable of solving a cash refund. Area manager refused to interact with a customer. I left the suit in the store. I am still owing money. I will be going to the police to report this as THEFT. I DID NOT RECEIVE MY MONEY AS YET. AM NOT SURE IF THEY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEFT. I refuse to speak to any of these people. I want someone senior to the area manager to contact me.The staff was more interested in closing the store rather than solving the problem regarding my cash refund.

What about your experience did you like/dislike the most?

I did not receive my cash. the suit was left in the store

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Problem solving techniques, why should a customer wait for a refund until other customers come with cash.