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Tell us about your experience

 I went into the store after doing research online about a particular brand, the Lenovo Yoga. It has all kinds of features which make sense to see before buying such as a stylus/ touchscreen pen and the ability for the laptop to bend backward 360 degrees. So I thought the salesperson would be keen to show me. When I visited the store, however, the customer experience was terrible. The salesperson did not know anything helpful about the laptop, I had to insist that he get the stylus so I can try it out (it was not on display for trying) and he eventually reluctantly went to the manager to ask for it and seemed annoyed with me. Furthermore, the laptops are bolted to the desks in such a way that you cannot test how the Yoga actually should work. Most disappointing, how do they expect a customer to be convinced about a R 35 000 laptop when they can't even see its main features? This is why Apple shops are a success all around the world because helpful staff helps you to engage with the actual products.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

Really non-existent customer focus. This shop will become obsolete.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Have a CX strategy