Which channel did you use to engage with Telkom?

In Person

Tell us about your experience with Telkom

I went there today to update my two contracts. I waited in line sitting on the sofa waiting my turn. There was three consultants busy with customers. However the last consultant was no longer busy with a customer and I As sitting there waiting. Then a lady come to stand in front then I also got up.. Standing there waiting ,but no He the consultant was more interested in assisting the lady that came after me. When I told him but why you help her first ,when I was waiting the whole time to be helped. He just brushed me off with his hand and body language and facial expressions. I was soo upset. That I told him I will take my business else where... I am very upset and disgusted at the bad service I received. I took time out and choose Vangate branch to do my business and that's how they treat customers....

What about the user experience did you like/dislike the most?

The way I was, brushed off without even a sincere apology or nothing...

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Take note of the customers in the line.if unsure who was there first interact with customers and ask