Which channel did you use to engage with Telkom?

Service delivery

Tell us about your experience with Telkom

I  hereby complain about the bad service I received from Telkom since September 2017 till current. Complaint phone out of order. In the last 6 months my phone only worked for about a month. Numerous complaints/phone calls and promises from them to sort out my problem, but no joy. In February of this year I was advised by a friend to get a "Freeme contract" from Telkom where I could make free landline calls. This I duly did, but being such and unsatisfied client, on impulse I told the lady to tick the cancellation box. Thereafter realizing that I needed my landline 031 776 3748. I called in and after being directed to the correct department I was promised that the cancellation will be lifter and I would be sent notification of this so that I can go into a telkom shop and get a "Fixed Line look alike". This would have solved my cable problem as they always told me that is the problem with my phone. Unfortunately, after all the promises that my phone will not be canceled. They did cancel. Again made numerous calls to the call centers and promises that I will be notified of my line back. No positive outcome.

What about the user experience did you like/dislike the most?

Promises, lack of service delivery. It really seems like they don't want the business.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

All calls are recorded. I think that these recordings should be listened to improve service delivery. instead of sending clients from one department to another and still getting no joy.