Tell us about your experience

I bought 5 piece bedroom from Bradlows in daveyton last year eptember 2017 then I paid R5000 i told them that the R2630 its a deposit then the balance its my instalment.on the 05 october 2017 they delivered the headboard with the right pedestal does not close completely and dressing table it was short of blanket cabinet chair and chest of drawers.i reported them several times to the sales lady gabisile and the manager vusi was the manager before bradlows in daveyton was closed also the money to ntlakanipho for R5000 who was now based in springs bradlows and he resigned vusi is based in germiston bradlows I have also gone there to complain to him he did not assist me then i also have gone to mayfield bradlows the manager is malebo and she told me that they are still waiting for the order up until now but i said to myself this is too much for me because every month they were getting the money but I was not helped then I had to stop paying maybe they gonner bring my things.i was just kidding for myself I called the bradlows head office there was no help also up until now.the ware house send the delivery man to come pick up the right pedestal luckily it was the same person who delivers those things on the 5/10/2017 and he told me that he is not gonner take the pedestal because still ive got the shortage staff I asked for his cell phone number and he took the phothos again for the secong time when brought those things to my house ..

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

I was treated badly up to today I'm still waiting for those things but now the bradlows are putting me to the lawyers if they can bring me my things I will pay the instalments...

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I think they need to investigate the previous manager vusi of daveyton bradlows now at Germiston what happened to my things and also look for ntlakanipho also gabisile and ask malebo at Mayfield bradlows who tried to help me up to now no luck. I am so angry