Tell us about your experience

It was my first time traveling by the bus service, between CPT and Johannesburg. my journey to Johannesburg was awesome and I enjoyed every moment of it. from CPT to Johannesburg. I got on the bus and the lady standing at the door was so nice and friendly, I was astonished to see that I can even charge my phone on the bus. I really enjoyed my trip to Johannesburg.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

Traveling from Johannesburg to CPT was a total disaster. to begin with, the bus was an hour late, the recliner thingy where you should rest your feet on, i wanted to put it down and it fell straight down tpo the ground, and here this lady come and tell me that she is seat number 35 and i specifically aked the guy at the boarding gate my seat number and he wrote it doen for me on my slip. the toilet door got stuck and we were standing three people at the door wating to use the toilet. thinking rthere is somebidy in there.  the tv did not work and the bus had no USB inputs. what pissed me the most was that the seat is in had a window on top of it, so a small window and the wind came in there like its nobody's business, there were blue plastic and toilet paper chucked into the window maybe to prevent the wind from coming in, it was a cold and unpleasant journey, not like the journey I had to Johannesburg. there were even no announcements made of informing us that the bus will not enter the city and that all passengers should get off in Belville, I only received an SMS in the afternoon when I was already at home. and whats so not nice about it was that my lawyer booked the tickets to and from for me so I don't know how much was paid for such service.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

they should just have a look at that specific bus and that window. and to think of it, it was a sleeper. try to get the tv's to work and get USB ports in there
bus 138
seat 35