Pick n Pay

Tell us about your experience

I went to Maponya Mall PnP in the afternoon around 14:30 pm and bought myself something to eat. I needed to get some stuff at the kiosk too. I went to the KIOSK and waited for assistance, there was an older lady waiting too(55yrs of age) and later a young gentleman came and joined the queue. it was about 5 minutes of waiting and no one was attending to us. I asked the lady in front of me if someone had assisted her and she said no. NB: there was no sign to say its closed. I approached a slender lady with an afro, I greeted her to get her attention and from the greeting, all I got was an attitude. I brushed it off because I needed to be assisted, I asked her if there is anyone to assist at the KIOSK because I need some stuff there she said no and looked away. I continued to ask her where is the person because there is no sign saying its closed neither is anyone telling the customers that the KIOSK is closed. This lady was packing in till 27 right opposite the KIOSK, surely she saw that we were waiting to be assisted and could have informed us accordingly. Instead, she said with utmost disrespect and terrible attitude, as you can see there's no one to assist at the KIOSK I work there and I closed to assist with packing because the ques are long. 

All I needed was cigarettes and condoms then go and pay I had already joined the queue. I was angry because of the disrespect I got just for asking for assistance. She did not assist me in any way, all I got was disrespect from my greeting. I had to inform the customers that the KIOSK is closed and that's when the lady left. I left my food on the KIOSK counter because I felt so small as the other tellers were looking at us. As I was about to leave I realized that this Lady is wrong and their behavior is unacceptable, I lodged a complaint at the INFO desk only to find out that the lady I am complaining about is a MANAGER! WOW!!! 

I work for Gautrain and I am a customer service supervisor and I have Zero tolerance for terrible service irrespective of the kind of service is rendered. I felt undermined and if I am getting that kind of service HOW many other customers does she disrespect! This happened yesterday but I am still furious.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

She had no interest in the customers and did not care about what I needed to get at the KIOSK. She just continued chatting with her colleagues and did not see anything wrong.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

They should be taken or refreshed on customer service. They need to be reminded the objectives and core values of the company. Complaints need to be taken seriously, it might be a PnP in Soweto but we need to be treated with respect and leave as happy customers.