Tell us about your experience

I am very disappointed with the poor service from Telkom. I applied for an ADSL line on the 8 Feb and 3 months later, I do not have it. I have called Telkom (10213) every week and spoke to numerous inefficient people. All they could say that there is nothing that they can do as they have a backlog. I went twice to the Telkom office at the Chatsworth centre and they all told me that they could not help and I should contact 10213 to assist. Eventually I found out that Zama Mtshali, they original person locked the system and nobody can assist with the problem. I asked for the manager and it was always that they were busy. Yesterday i spoke to Ntandokazi and she said you promises to assist as the manager was busy, after 45 mins she says that she is offline and will call me back. She has however not called back. I cannot understand how a big company like Telkom cannot employ professional people to assist customers.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

Waiting on the line for 45 mins and then you get to a consultant who cuts you call and you have to redial no

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?Staff at Telkom need to be trained.