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I have withdrawn a big amount of cash from the FNB ATM and while waiting for the transaction to process, the ATM then showed it was "Out Of Service" and no money came out but my balance has dropped, reflecting I have no money in the account.I've been online and on ongoing calls with FNB agents. Nontikela, one of the agents, advised me that if I go to the branch the process will be quicker. I've been sent back and forth with different information, I went to the branch in Wynberg, Where I was assisted by a Janine and she told me that its the same process where I have to wait 7 days for feedback and they are in a surplus once banking is done. They also said they cannot confirm when the Merchant will relive cash at the ATM because it is an outsource ATM, what the hell!?? It is an Fnb ATM, I also spoke to Daisy(Supervisor) who now advise she will log a complaint for the process to be sped up as well as the banking process, to see if money in the ATM is in a surplus... What if the security is or not honest about what is over??? Where does the line get drawn for prompt service and HOW do they NOT have some link to their ATM's to show that the monies have not been received by the customer.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The days that they advise you should wait for your own money

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

They Need to change their structure in disputes or streamline the process and make more options available. They need to value the importance of potential fraud and not make the waiting period 7 days. they need to link their systems to their atm's to alert the bank that customer did not receive their funds and immediately notify the customer that they are aware. The ATM then went out of service while I was waiting for money and after that is was right, people drawing again and I am standing there waiting to see if the people not perhaps getting my money, so why did it not even alert an ATM service issue.