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 I applied online for R199 per month 20Gig data Router which was delivered on Wednesday 9/05/2018 and got activated the following day; I was told by a call centre agent to call 081180 as soon as my router is activated, I did that on Thursday and Friday to no avail, on Friday my 10 gig data had depleted (how is that possible). I manage to go through on Saturday (12/05/2018) morning and spoke to Nolwazi Mahlangu and she told me that my account was for 10 gigs, 5 anytime data and 5-night surfer and that's not what I agreed on when I spoke to their sales rep on the 30th of April 2018. if this is the case then Telkom adverts are lying and there is not what they promise their soon to be a customer
s. I'm not happy

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Telkom lied to me

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I want to cancel my account