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I have a funeral plan with Hollard send the claim through a week ago funeral is done and yet the funds still have not been paid out have been calling everything sending emails and no one gets backs to me I never experienced such kak service in my life

this is the email I send through

Good day

The email below is the one that I send to your complaints department,no one got back to me and now I am trying to do a follow up on my claim yet no one can assist me

As I spoke to Godfrey yesterday he advised me to call back today and yet no one can assist me I need to know what is it that you people need in order for this to be paid out I send through all the documents that you requested WHAT MORE MUST I DO??????

I will put Hollard on Hello Peter and also lay a complaint with the Fias ombudsman as I have never received such bad service in my life.

To whom it may concern

on the 2018/05/02 I spoke to a person named Gugu ref:1200466865 and asked about the form that the doctor needs to fill in and advised that the deceased didnt attent a doctor in years abd I was advised to send the claim through without and today I called in spoke to alot of people spoke to Emang ref:1200476534 and she confirmed payout will be done today and now I recieved a call saying that the form I asked about they need it and I told that woman Gugu that the funeral is tomorrow we need the money and now all these things come up is this how Hollard treat clients????I will lay a complaint with the ombadsman
I needs the calls for the ref numbers:1200466865

the one lady I spoke to name Wandile Khumalo ref:1200478963 was very rude and did not even try to assist

Seems as if you people don’t care about the nothing but taking the money from accounts but when its time to claim than it’s a different story

I have been trying to get an answer from the consultant I spoke to Itumeleng Pudikabekwa as per my claim and he could not assist me at all with nothing!!and as I asked to speak to a team leader he told me that he cant find a team leader which is very strange because a team leader should always be available and the name of the team leader is Siena Motsae.

I never received such bad service in my life not one question could be answered by Itumeleng

My policy number is 13928762.

I needed to or need to know when my policy will be paid out and for some reason no one @ Hollard can assist me

Is this the way you people treat your clients????

Please do get back to me

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

I fucken hated it with all my life!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Stick to the shit you advertise on tv