Tell us about your experience

I was involved in a car accident on the 17th of April 2018, I phoned iWYZE, they came and tore my car to their panel beaters. on the 23rd, I made a follow up to check how far are they with fixing my car, only to find that they know nothing about the accident, but they did take the vehicle. my husband and I started to speak to Mr Johnson Molema and Yumnah Khan, there were empty promises and lies about the car, saying that they are busy fixing it. on Monday, my husband went to the panel beaters to check if there is really progress on fixing the car, only to find that the car has been parked outside and has been tempered with. its a new car "Toyota CHR 2017 model". I phoned Yumnha yesterday and today and she promised to phone me back and she did not, I advised her that I'm going to phone before 15:00 before she knocks off, I phoned and she did not answer my calls. the service that I'm getting from iWYZE is very pathetic, very poor. Mr Molema send me an e-mail today with new pallbearers number, I phoned and spoke to Deon, who said he did not receive the car as yet but last week Friday I spoke to Phillip who said they already started on fixing the car. which story is true. all I want is to get my car on a good condition, it only had scratches on the driver's side, if it has been tampered with, they must make sure that they buy me a new Toyota CHR.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

What I dislike most, is making follow-ups, the company doesn't take the initiative of calling me and keeping me posted on the status of the car. and the lies that I got from the staff being Mr Johnson Molema and Phillip then the manager who is not sure about her story- I won't advise anyone to buy a policy with them

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I once was involved in an accident, and I was with 1st for women, they called me, took me for counselling, kept me posted about the progress and gave positive feedback. my advice to them is to make sure that they look after their clients, I mean I'm paying every month it's not that they are going to do the repairs for free. currently, I don't have a car, I want I - WiZE to give me a car until my car is fixed. my car is not in a bad condition for them t keep it for a month. they should have advised me to keep the car and to bring it for repairs when they are ready. this is repeating, I want my car as new as it was.