Tell us about your experience

On Saturday at 11.50 am I entered the Pep store to buy a comforter which I found and made my way to the till. There was one customer already busy paying in front of me. I was second at the till. There was only one cashier the other one was busy sweeping behind the cashier's desk. I patiently waited for the lady in front of me to finish paying when another young lady pushed in front of me with only a gift bag I said to her and the cashier excuse me but I am next in the queue she just said no and handed the bag to the cashier her took it and proceeded to deal with the transaction she should have sent her to her rightful place at the back of the queue but she never… at this stage, I might mention/ I walk with a crutch and I am 80 years old. After this I handed the cashier my Sassa pension card to pay .and she sais sorry we do not accept those cards. I said why all stores accept them why not you and she took the card from me and put it in the machine and said see it does not work I took back my card and handed her my Absa card. By this time I was really irritated. All stores accept your pension card why not this particular store at this time I remembered that this was not the first time I had been told this at the same store. Today I discussed this with my maid and she said ''mam those cashiers have an attitude problem and need to be reported'' I would like to point out here that we have no banks in Cato ridge and no atm at that shopping centre because they were blown up on more than one occasion.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

Why was my Sassa card not allowed at Cato ridge pep stores? This because it is difficult if you only use a sassa card. And also these cashiers should be able to tell a person to wait their turn in the queue and why sweeping when there were people waiting in the queue. All this is bad customer service.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I don't expect special service because of my age but lots of stores are respectful towards us. This cashier at no time was cheeky but she also did not take appropriate action which would have been expected of her and send the young lady to the back of the other 6 people in the queue who also did nothing just shook their heads.