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Incident was at Shoprite Jabulani 19.05.2018 I did my grocery went to the cashier who was unfriendly, who told the customer in front of me she was tired, and this lady tried to have a small talk which she was not interested. Then I came I paid and asked for a cash back. Which she did only to find out she didn't have enough cash on her till. Instead of asking her colleague next to her she made me wait and said I will wait for people who are paying with cash to that she can pay. I got frustrated as I waiting for long. After I told her that I have been patient with her, she is taking advantage and belittling me. The supervisor came but for something else not helping me. I started to get frustrated and told the supervisor and what she did was asking the other cashier to borrow cash and she gave me the money. This is what this lady would have done that, then letting me wait for a long queue for people to pay with cash. This was unfair to me and a bad customer.
The time I was helped was17.06.03 lane 21 merchant 206001001485302(the lady didn't have name badge)

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

Disrespectful and Bad customer service

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Training on customer service