Prestige Motors

Tell us about your experience

My sister bought a motor vehicle from Prestige Motors/Maverick Auto Pretoria-North on the 30th April 2018. She paid cash for her vehicle and the garage received their money. The car was a second hand vehicle and my sister was very impressed with her vehicle. She received it and the garage informed us to return the vehicle the following day as it had to be taken to the test grounds and registered on her name. Every thing went well up until this past weekend of the 19th May 2018 when we noticed that the front brake-pads were us. We phoned the garage on the 20th May 2018 informing Yolanda that we were not happy with the front brakes of the vehicle and if they could sort it out because they informed us that the car was in a good and running condition. My sister did not even drive 200 km with the said car when she informed me that the brake-pads was iron on iron. Yolanda informed us that they will sort the matter out and that she will arrange with a mechanic to replace the front brake-pads. The appointment was made yesterday for today the 22nd May 2018 first thing in the morning. After a few hours waiting and no service my sister phoned Yolanda and enquired about the car, she promised to phone back and never did. i phoned her myself and she gave me the number of the mechanic that informed me he was stranded without a vehicle but that he already bought the brake-pads and i spoke to him @09:21. i did follow up the matter @12:31 where i was informed that he was still waiting for transport. He also informed me that the repairs on the car was for my sister account!!! I informed him to leave the repair as Yolanda was liable for all the charges. I phoned Yolanda who informed me that they refuse to pay as it was a wear and tear issue. I informed her that I will proceed to report this matter.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The fact that they initially said they would repair the car that they sold to us, and the fact that it was a cash deal and they received the full cash amount

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

  Don't make any promises that you can not keep. This car must also have some sort guarantee that they must honour for selling their car to us