Tell us about your experience

I visited the restaurant with my family at 19h00 on Sunday 20th of May 2018. I pointed out that the table was dirty, and the waiter that seated us attempted to clean one spot with a dry serviette. I asked him to bring me a wet rag, I will clean it myself. He then used a wet cloth, but once he left, the edge of the table was still sticky from some sauce or food. I was very annoyed and addressed the waitress who brought the menus about it, again asking for a wet cloth A second waitress who overheard me, approached the table and then told me she will clean it herself. However, what annoyed me was that she told me "...it is not necessary to make a scene."

If complaining reasonably like I did about a dirty table is seen as making a scene, I will make a scene when the group deserves it. 

I then got up and left the restaurant, but not before I reported the incident to the duty-manager, who took my contact details. Until now I did not receive any response or apology about the situation. I do not feel to visit the restaurant again, fearing reprisals such as tampering with my food.

In this difficult economical times and the recent racial incident Spur experienced, I believe that their client services and customer care should improve.

I went to The Cattle Baron where we received excellent food and service.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The lack of action to restore my faith in the SPUR management.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I have the impression the branch manager is hoping the incident will be forgotten soon. If they are not prepared to act firmly, they should feel it financially.

What about a grading system for the various branches? Where the grading plague is displayed and giving the consumer a rating of their service, their food, their hygiene etc etc.?