Tell us about your experience

My experience is very demotivating, I submitted my assignments early this year so that I can get my marks as soon as possible before I start preparing for exam.Knowing very well that multiple-choice questions are marked by the Automated system, they are still marked against those of the Lecturers. however, I got my marks back and 2 of the questions were marked wrong. I immediately sent an email to the Lecturers and quoted the page numbers from the prescribed book to validate my claims. I asked how soon they can amend my marks on the system, was told that the Lecturers must first issue a memorandum and get it signed by 3 different authorities before it get sent to the assignment department and until then my mark remains the same. This is my last semester and this error has a negative effect on my year mark.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

I feel like they are stalling and avoiding to rectify the mistakes, leaving Me, the student unfairly assessed. I don't appreciate how the Lecturers are handling this issue because they know it is not affecting them, instead they should prioritise on such issues since it has been brought to their attention.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

At least try to understand that we are trying to better ourselves by studying and they should do their Job , I mean they get paid for doing it. We, the students must not be made Inferior to the institution or to the Lecturers, our concerns should not be ignore especially if they pose negative effect on us academically because every mark counts.