Net Florist

Tell us about your experience

I placed a birthday order on the 7th of May before 11h30 and sent out proof of payment as per email instruction. When I tried tracing my order the order number was incorrect. I sent out another email to, no one got back to me. I phoned on the 8th at 11h44 they could see the email but no one bothered to attend it too. I was given another email address of the team leader Melissa.

Once I sent out the 4th email, I receive an email saying the below. This is a birthday present which was meant to be delivered on the 07th and now it's going out on the 9th. How embarrassing it is and heart is broken I am. Now, this all experience has made things worse for me and the person who was meant to get his gift on his birthday as a token of appreciations and love but now it's too late for me. And the person helping me, all he could say was sorry we cant help any other way.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

They did not show any remorse and could even offer for the delivery to take place today since I called before 1 pm.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Make a follow up on orders requested for the day and attend to their emails timelessly.