Standard Bank

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I had a call from a person who claimed he is calling from Standard bank and he asked questions and in the end draw close to R 20 000 from my account. When I spoke to the real Standard Bank personnel they were very adamant that they don't ask you card numbers. After cancelling the card. the consultant promised me that it will take 6 working days to solve in the fraud section. After 7 working days I phoned them to find out what is going on. When collecting my new card from the bank I ask them to put me through to fraud again, because I was still waiting for an answer. I got through to a mine - they don't know the company numbers....after 1.5 months I phoned again, because nobody gets back to you and when you phone the centre put you on hold and then nobody bothers to come back to you...One of the consultants has asked me for my card number when I phoned in and that after I have given her the fraud case number. Now they claim that it was my fault...and they will send me a letter to explain why they are not going to give back the money. I think this is terrible service and it is the second fraud case on my card. So I won't recommend anybody to Standard Bank I think their security system is not on standard, because where do this scoundrels get the info from...

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

bad service - no feedback and then tell you, in the end, you are the culprit

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Give feedback or take the knock by losing a lot of customers