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Canal Walk: Checkers have a special on the soup. We don't know the soup but it is on 50% discount. We take two. get to the till. It is month end 26.5.2018. we are number 40 in the queue. we get to front more than an hour wait. we pay and go through.. Outside we see they charged us full price.....go back in. Look for a manager...Mr. David Hartzenberg who tells us to go back of the queue in the kiosk line ....soooooooo long line. I explain I am in a wheelchair with bladder full and faaaaaar from disabled toilets...a shrug and a sorry get back of the queue is all I get!!!!!!!!!?????????? I decide it is simply not worth it and leaves. 
This is where I have a problem...... so the cashier rings up a 50% discount s full price.... how many people don't pick it up... BUT then when I do I am sent to back of queue by manager????????????????
Surely he must have some authority and an override on the system but to send me back of the queue!!!!!!! that after I told him as a wheelchair user I have a problem!!.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The manager cannot assis

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Manager must be able to assist on system and not send client to back of a queue