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I have joined their Policy on the first of May 2018, My policy number is: 613774249, my name is Ivy Hadebe. I took a funeral cover of 13 people and by the amount of R313.00, which is already deducted on the 27th of May 2018. We concluded everything telephonically where I had to give my details and the details of the insured people. I only managed to give them 4names of the insured and they told me not to worry about the rest as they are going to send me the forms to fill in with the details of the rest of the insured people via email immediately after the call on the first of May. To my surprise they did not send any emaIL, A week later they called again and I told them that I am still waiting for the email. To date, there is no email and they deducted an amount that covers 13 people and yet only4 are covered.

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