Kragga Kamma

Tell us about your experience

Shocking price to have to pay for a cat's broken leg and an after-hours callout. R10000.00 !!!! Yes the leg needed a pin to be put in , but still cannot get my head around this, the cut was only about an inch long ! And then on top of it all , they did not put a collar on after the op , so the cat pulled everything open in the night and ended up having to stay at that vet a few extra days ! Not happy at all, will not promote that vet ever, as have since heard that most other vets in PE would be much cheaper. This cost should have been reduced. After speaking to many people since this incident, so many of them said that it is a known fact that this vet practice is over expensive and you shouldn't go there. Well, my young family sure found this out, and just 2 weeks before their wedding !! Shocking is all I can say !!

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The ridiculous price of R10000.00 !!!!

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Drop their prices.