Delectus Manor

Tell us about your experience

The guesthouse is near the Mediclinic in Montana Pretoria, my brother visiting from Nelspruit was admitted and I required accommodation for his family to be near.
there was no availability for the date requested, however, I took a booking for the following day, a Saturday and paid a cash deposit of R3000.00, with the rate agreed at R1000.00
The following day, Sunday my brother was discharged, I called the guest house, explained and agreed to 10% reduction on a refund. I provided my banking details and waited.
After 2 weeks I called the guest house again to enquire and was told by the manager she had requested the refund from the owner but he refused to pay.
I then called the owner, explained my agreement with the manageress, he was rude racially intolerant and abusive and refused to pay back my money handed over in good faith, cash.
so the 1-night stay was R1000.00 and he stole the balance of R 2000.0

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

the owner is not a person you can speak to, having no idea of the circumstance.
The manageress was quite regretful

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

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