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My parents are living with us and are both pensioners. I take them with me wherever I go, but when it is not possible, they stay home alone sometimes and this makes my Mom very nervous. Especially as my Dad has Vascular Dementia and mom has to physically look after him, because he is wheel-chair bound. Another reason was that someone stole one of the children’s cell phone’ s through their room’s window (CAS 182/3/2018), so it was a bit nerve-wracking for her to think that the perpetrator came so close. It was then that I decided to have the security-enhanced at our home so that my parents and our family feel more secure. I had two walls erected by an elderly gentleman who is well known to the entire family. He then referred me to an Electrician, Ashley Holmes, who installed an intercom in the home and a bell press gate-lock; controlled from the inside (another guy is doing spikes on the walls etc. as part of the security) 
Due to the elderly gentlemen being a trustworthy family friend, I treated his companions with the same courtesy. The electrician is unemployed and hence had no monies for the materials for the job. I gave him half of the money R6000 on 28 March. He was to complete the balance of the work the next day and he asked me if I would mind paying in the balance of the money as it takes 24 hours to become available, so that when he leaves the next day, the money would be available the following day. I had no problem doing this as he was finishing off the next day, so I transferred another R6000. R12000 in total. The evening of the following day when he tested the intercom and gate lock, both were not working as it should. He said he would return to have it sorted. He then said its Easter and he would like to spend that long weekend in church with his family. Respectfully I said, it is fine, he could commence on 2 April when public holidays are over. He did not return as agreed as he said they ended up in Montague at his wife’s family. I again said that I understand and it would be ok if he came the following day. He arrived, but again, could not fix it and removed the gate lock to “return it to the supplier”
To date, 11/06/2018, he has STILL not returned with the “new” gate lock from the supplier and has still not replaced the faulty intercom. He does not call or message to say why he does not come. 
I need to get either my money back to hire someone else OR just get him back to my home to finish the job. This is the last resort though, as the trust relationship has been broken between us and I would not feel comfortable having him back in our home. At the end of the day, I just need the job done, so my elderly parents can feel safe in our home. I have called numerous times and sent messages, but he either does not answer or he makes excuses to come and then never does. His last message to me was 4 April 2018. I have sent SMS’s and messages afterwards, which he has read, but he still has not responded and does not answer my calls. The gentlemen who referred him also tried calling, but he is not answering his calls either.

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The fact that he lied over and over and over again. Why would a Supplier not refund you after 2 months! The fact that he is too boneless to answer a woman's calls, To coward to even reply to my messages. Too weak a man to own up and say he made a mistake and that he will fix it, That's all I want, just secure my gate lock and be on your way, I support a family of 10 and I don't appreciate him stealing from me, I had to take out a LOAN to have this work done.

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

I suggest he stops STEALING from his customers. He is dishonest and a liar.