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Tell us about your experience

I lost my phone. Approached Cape Gate Cell-C shop to block and track 20/05/2018.
Found my phone on the 22nd. Phone still working. 
Approached manager 07/06/2018 regards feedback and why phone was not blacklisted. Was promised that she would look into the problem and give me an update.
15/06/2018 approached Cape Gate store to find out why Lind van Wyk (Store Manager) had not made contact with me. 
The Manager would not see me while the assistant manager was too busy texting on her phone to asst me.
I asked a consultant for the regional manages contact details. 
I contacted Theo Frontz (regional Manager W/Cape) 15/06/2018 and explained the story and issue. He promised to get back to me with feedback.
I phoned Theo Frontz (reginal manager W/Cape) 19/06/2018 and left a voice mail.
I again phoned Theo Frontz on the 21/06/2018 when he told me that an internal investigation of negligence was in process against the store manager of Cape Gate and I was not privileged to be updated. Even though I was never updated but ignored and treated with contempt. 
Is this how Cell-C treat their customers and is this the customer service the general public is to expect from Cell-C. 
I would like an official reason why my phone was not blocked as promised when I reported it stolen?
This has happened some years ago regards Cell-C not blocking a reported stolen phone. I have also been informed by more than one friend that this is the norm. 
Why is Cell-C assisting criminals by not blocking stolen phones? By assisting criminals Cell-C is aiding and abetting thus complicit and as guilty as the thief. 
By having Cell-C as a “service” provider we are supporting phone theft and crime.
Shaun MacLeod

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

Being ignored and not being able to get answers

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

To do what they say they are going to do and update the customer rather than ignore and hope the issue disappears