Golden Arrows

Tell us about your experience

Driver could not control the bus he was new to driving a manual bus he did not even know how to reverse and even aside from knowing he was new to it he drove so fast around the corner almost causing the bus to tip over he drove into a pole I mean hadn't I moved to sit at the back and I was still on the front seat were there are no seat belts I could have been in that windscreen I didn't feel safe we were all scared and immediately stopped the driver from driving because no1 one felt safe anymore only when we stopped the driver told us that he didn't use to the manual bus

What about the experience did you like/dislike the most?

The fact that after our accident we were basically stranded bcz it was far from taking alternative transport and we were not they're the main priority in terms of getting us to safety. An inspector came and his 1s priority was checking for the condition of the bus... I am especially upset because there was not sent out for people who got hurt. My neck is stiff bcz of the whiplash till in my back some people had cuts of the glass and also had stiff necks and we called for alternative transport and was waiting out in the cold bcz the bus was full of splints in Epping 2 bontheuwel anything could've happened the bus arrived late at our work and then still had us completely stranded as it was the last bus that goes around Epping 2 the customer service was poor we called for another bus and the consultant had to first escalate to the superior and then we had to wait again for it

Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve?

Customers first they should have a department that addresses this matter with urgency as people lives are in danger they promised us safety and that was not what I felt being stranded in the cold they should send out ambulances or people to look at those that were injured because imagine we have to travel and u injured especially so late and they should train their drivers on New buses they give them because it's people's lives that are at stake they are messing with people's lives because of there negligence people could been badly injured