UXA INVESTIGATES: Food Lover’s Market

I’m an advocate of healthy food; everything I eat has to be sugar free, gluten free, oh and I’m also lactose intolerant, so it has to be lactose-free too. I read labels to see if they’re no unhealthy additives to foods, so yeah I’m that girl...😉

When I discovered Food Lover’s Market about 4 years ago, I knew that I had found heaven on earth, the food and the customer service was on point, never mind the prices. Everywhere I went I made sure to scout for a Food Lover’s that was going to be my number 1 stop, but knowing that there aren’t many Food Lover’s outlets around I was stuck with only one retail outlet that’s everywhere, they do sell healthy foods but they’re just too pricey, sometimes I wonder where they get their produce from, whether everything is an import 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️.

A couple of weeks ago there was a shopping center being built opposite my boyfriend’s workplace, I wondered why another shopping center if this area is riddled with shopping centers🙄, but then he revealed that there’s going to be a Food Lover’s Market in this shopping center. I was ecstatic with joy, I couldn’t hold myself. I asked him every week if the Food Lover’s is open yet, to my disappointment it wasn’t yet time. however, When it opened its doors I couldn’t wait to go there. My boyfriend and I went there on a Tuesday afternoon after work and I was blown away, literally blown away!!! 

As we walked in the store it smelled like this forest of juicy fruits and scrumptious loaves of bread. We started doing our shopping right away. As we picked our stir-fries, I couldn’t help but notice how everything was so cheap! A packet of stir fry was R12, like really, 12 bucks! I had a smile pasted on my face the whole time, I couldn’t stop praising and marveling over each and every food item at the store. We did a walkabout and noticed how everything was put in its place; all the ready-made sandwiches and wraps were under one place, all their ready-made salads under one place, all their loaves of bread were also in their own section. They had small eateries within the shop; a schwarma corner, a burger outlet, even a sushi bar!! My boyfriend knows how I love sushi and that’s when I decided that we are going to start having sushi Friday’s just because we can, and also since everything is so reasonably priced...As we were shopping I noticed how I couldn’t keep my mouth closed, we ended up buying wraps because everything just looked yummy 🤤...


Before we finished our shopping I pondered; Food Lover’s Market is a place for people who enjoy fresh produce, for people who don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on food but still get quality foods. This shop is going to give everyone a run for their money if they don’t watch out. And yes, they’ve stolen my heart and I will stick with them forever, ‘til death do us part❤️❤️ 


That's all for now, folks!