This is a first in a series of investigations that we will conduct in order to understand the state of customer experiences in South Africa, enjoy!


We heard of Ritual Gym on the radio, it's a new concept gym that just opened in Illovo. It was founded in Singapore and promises a full workout, shower and refreshments all in 30 minutes. Being the lazy people that we are we were keen to try it out... Luckily they were running a trial and you get two weeks membership for only R150. 

As we all do these days... we went on Google and typed "Ritual Gym" clicked on the first link and landed on the below page

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.13.13.png

Pretty standard homepage, it has clear 'call to action' and clicking on the play button plays a nice and informative short video... There has been a trend of limiting videos to 30 seconds e.g. Your Whatsapp status.It may be to do with our decreasing attention spans.

After reading the short excerpt below header we just said "Shut up and take my money!"

The payment process was simple enough. All we had to do afterwards was choose a day for our trial to start... This is where the trouble began

So the plan was for us to go together "for moral support"... We found a time suitable for the both of us but every-time one of us booked a time it would be blocked for the other. After trying for what felt like eternity... We called and they informed us that they can only accommodate 1 trial client per session... but because they were so kind they let us come together.

Unfortunately  on the day one of us was sick and couldn't make it... No bother, Fitness waits for no man.

I was slightly late and they called me 5 minutes before to confirm if I was still coming... I confirmed that I was but I was running late. On arrival I was greeted, by name might I add. I filled a short questionnaire... It was basically to find out if I had any medical conditions they should know about. 

Oh! I forgot to mention that I was told to come as is.. no gear no nothing.

They then gave me a short tour of the place and handed me over to fitness instructor. She was quite friendly and told me that they will provide me with clean gym clothes &  towel so I don't have to worry... I got changed. They have a unisex bathroom and a no nudity policy... the showers serve as a change room too, it's big enough so no worries.

She then explained to me how everything works and gave me a fitness assessment. We then had a practice workout session before I bid her goodbye. After showering (They provide shampoo, shower gel and lotion) I headed out.

On my way out they informed me that they have a gift for me!


It was an envelope with welcome slides... it had their rules and also the logins I should use for their app (Their app is the only way to book a session and booking are necessary). This is the part where it all fell apart. The last slide had pricing... The cheapest plan was R1099 and it only covered off-peak times like 08H30 to 14h00... If you have a job like I do... those times are not convenient. The peak time plan was R1699... yes R1699! I then concluded that I am not really this gym's target market.


Ritual is a great gym and offers a great experience, their app is usable enough too. They are rather pricey but I feel it's worth it. However, I don't think I will be joining them anytime soon...

If you are a very busy person with cash to spare I can' think of a better way to get your fitness on.

I've attached a few images of the gym four your perusal...


That's all for now, folks!